The Green House Cottages

of Wentworth

A Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Community

Are you looking for a nursing home in Magnolia, Arkansas, that actually feels like home? The Green House Cottage movement found at Wentworth has transformed long-term care in Arkansas.

“The Green House concept is the most comprehensive effort to reinvent the nursing home.” – The New York Times
“The Green House Project reinvents Long-Term Eldercare.” – The Huffington Post
“Green Houses are nothing less than a Revolution.” – The Wallstreet Journal

Welcome to The Green House Cottages of Wentworth in Magnolia, Arkansas

Wentworth has set itself apart from other nursing homes in Magnolia, Arkansas. Wentworth features six Green House Cottages that each have 12 private rooms and bathrooms. The Green House cottage model is founded on dignity and choice for our elders. Green House Cottages eliminate the institutionalized feeling of traditional nursing homes and replace it with care, compassion, and freedom of choice. Wentworth Green House Cottages feel, look, sound, and smell – just like home.

The Green House Cottages of Wentworth

The Green House Cottages of Wentworth in Magnolia, Arkansas are loving homes where Elders are supported by quality care, choice, and meaningful relationships. At Wentworth, the schedule of every elder is decided by the elder. We are guests in their home.


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How Wentworth is Different

Wentworth stands out in many ways when compared to traditional nursing homes in Magnolia, Arkansas. Wentworth gives every elder:

Superior Direct Care

Elders receive a much higher staff to elder ratio than typically found in traditional nursing homes.

Privacy & Dignity

The Green House cottage environment is designed for a maximum of 12 elders living in their own home with private rooms, bathroom and showers.


Wentworth believes in a philosophy of holistic care rooted in meaningful relationships and a deep knowledge of each elder and their unique individual needs.

Certified Training

Staff is trained with a minimum of 120 hours of education in areas such as nutrition, senior care, and dementia.

Superior Technology

State of the art and up to date technology ensures every elder lives with homelike comfort.